Song: 話がしたいよ (English Translation)(I want to talk)
Album: 話がしたいよ – Single
Year: 2018


Not knowing what to do with my hands
I hid them in my pockets
The little time before the bus arrive
that feels like a little extra time
The sound of daily life coming from the city
made me feel lonely

So, let (me) take some chewing gum, the taste that you hated
To not feel alone anymore
The signal lights that go back and forth
between ‘no, don’t’ and ‘yes, ok’
Though I too, stop and move
we still remain strangers
I wonder of you doing well

What kind of expression did we have at that moment?
What words and how many words did we find?
If only you were here, if only you were here
I want to talk to you

Now the Voyager has gone beyond the solar system
How wonder how fast it goes
always continuing the journey
I don’t understand the what and how of all that
but suddenly
It made me listen to my own breathing and confirm it
I wonder if it was my body or my heart that had brought me till here
Though both are worn out now

It is ok, I have some medicine
Though I won’t take it

No matter what we do
we cannot go back
that is the same for both of us
Then, I want both of us to be thinking of things like this
The wind that caressed my skin now and this bottomless sky
Resembles that day

We go on living without struggling and slowly forgetting
I wonder what words did the two of us encounter?
Forced smiles and false words and the fragrance of the summer ending
I still remember it
I want to talk to you

The something or the other that was there till now
and whatever that is going to occur from now
I don’t care about any of it
No, saying I don’t care maybe too much
no, it is too much
I just want to say I don’t care…but it is ok…I know
Sticking the chewing gum to the pape
the bus has arrived and the door is opening

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